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 From the Ragnarok Online site:

"To avoid role play related complications and conflicts, we do not support users playing characters of a different gender. Please be aware that the iRO GM Team cannot offer to correct the gender of characters for users that have entered the incorrect gender, either intentionally or by accident, during the account registration. Although we have offered account gender corrections in the past, this is no longer possible due to recent updates to the iRO game. Thank you for your cooperation."




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While playing the first Digital Devil Saga again, I noticed something I hadn't before about Lupa 

And I just couldn't resist grabbing a screenshot....

I am going straight to hell. )

Mar. 19th, 2009 12:25 am
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Me: *playing DDS and realizing I'll need to get a skill that nullifies panic in order to proceed this late in the game...enter a terminal, start to buy some of the needed mantras to get that*

Roomie: You haven't been giving Heat or Serph healing stuff?

Me: Uh.... *wondering why roomie is being stupid...she's not rpg illiterate, I know this* No? They're the fighters. 

Roomie: *uncalled-for bitchy tone* Well SORRY. I'll leave you alone then.

Me: ........ *wts. Srsly. ._.;*

(EDIT: Goddammit. I can't stay mad because I'm now imagining Heat in the FF White Mage outfit... XDDD;) 
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Been playing Digital Devil Saga for hours and I haven't advanced anywhere in the plot. 8D Why not? Because I've been taking advantage of a fun little system called "Reinforcements". Brief, but amusing example:

Cut to save space. )

I love DDS. 8D


Mar. 9th, 2009 11:48 pm
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Once again, this game is win. <3

Where else can you be big, furry, and have teeth the size of a railroad spike? I think I like the werewolves better than the vampires....far more OMNOMNOM than SLURPSLURP.


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