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so uh. I got my first flat tire tonight! And the battery on my phone died. So I had to jog over to a gas station to try to figure out wtf to do because I can't change a tire. One guy said he'd help but on the way there he was like "Yeah uh I actually need to go to this other store real quick to get a beer."

Wow, asshole. Don't stretch your karma muscle too much now.

So I go back and this very nice couple helps me out instead. My spare gets put on and I'm good to go until Tuesday, so I can get the flat patched (it was a slow flat, not a blowout. At least I don't have to pay for a new one!)

I get home, put my phone on the charger, and there's a knock at the door. The manager of my apartment building. On the verge of crying. I agreed to take him and his mom to the hospital... His cousin was run over by her own boyfriend tonight. She's also pregnant. The boyfriend called this girl's mother and gloated that he had run her daughter over.

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I'm home at 11 pm tonight, two hours after I got home from work. Why? Well, I went to visit a friend at her apartment. She had some books she didn't want anymore that she thought I might be interested in, you see. And they were good books! I didn't take all of them but I did take a good few. And my friend's roommates had kitties and a puppy. My roommate had rats! I love animals. A good evening was had. Time to go home, went to put on my boots.

One of my boots was missing.

"Where's my other boot?" I ask.

We find it on the living room floor.

It has been chewed on. I can't wear chewed-on boots to work. Since. Y'know. Dress code and all. Not to mention it just looks ratty.

Owner: Oh, she does that all the time.

Me, Friend: :|

Owner: You should see my shoes.

Me, Friend: 8|

Owner: Hey [Mirr's friend], you should have told her not to leave her shoes out.

Me, Friend: B|

I keep my cool until we're out of the apartment. My friend offers to take me to a nearby store for new boots. She said she would pay for them.

I fucking lost it all the way to the store and in the store. Found some damn good boots, better than my old ones, on sale for $29.99. I fully intend to have my friend take me back to the apartment so I can go "Yeah. Hey. Uh. Your dog chewed my shoes. I just bought new ones. They were thirty dollars. Please pay me back, seeing as how it is your responsibility. Since y'know. You're the owner and all." My friend says she'll text her first.


"Well it wasn't my responsibility. You guys are responsible for what you bring into the house. She shouldn't have let her boots lying around when my dog has a leather allergy. I wasn't even there. ...Okay maybe I was there but my boyfriend was the one who took them away. I'm not going to pay $30 when she could have poisoned my dog with her stinking shoes. Blah blah blah. I'm going to be passive aggressive and say I'm not trying to be a bitch when obviously I am. BLAH BLAH BLAH CHANGING MY STORY SOME MORE BLAH BLAH A BLOO BLOO DURR HURR HURR HURR HAR HAR."

......and because my friend is a timid thing who doesn't deal with stress very well, she will probably be the one to pay me back $30 just to make things peachy again.

This is why some people should not be allowed to own animals.
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To be honest it shouldn't have even happened. The guy behind the wheel had no license and no insurance. Needless to say, he was arrested by the cops that answered my Good Samaritan's 911 call. I had 20 seconds left on the pedestrian timer and I thought that the guy had stopped to let me pass. Instead he started taking a right turn when I was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. His front bumper hit my bike, my bike toppled from the force, and I rolled on my arm to avoid cracking my head on the pavement. And I really bruised my right forearm/wrist area--which thankfully isn't broken, as I learned at the ER, but my elbow is very stiff from tightened muscles. Luckily I have some Vicodin to fill at the pharmacy to help with the pain. I just hope my elbow unlocks by tomorrow. ;w; I have to work.

...I think I'll put a letter in the newspaper tomorrow to find that Good Samaritan so I can give him a great big hug and some homemade cookies. Because goddamn he was the only person to stop to make sure I was all right besides the guy who hit me. The funniest thing? Well, not the funniest, but the most...odd, I guess? My GS had Down Syndrome. He was the ONLY. PERSON. IN THE ENTIRE INTERSECTION. TO STOP AND HELP. My entire perception of those with DS has changed from just one encounter. He was one awesome dude.

Hermes, dear patron of mine, please make sure this man is successful in everything he does. Because HE FUCKING DESERVES IT. Bless him and protect him like you do for me. :) And don't beat yourself up for what happened, dude. You have work to do yourself.
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So uh.


I think I'm in deep shit.

Started asking around work for a place to stay because I wanted to break up with my boyfriend and move back to the mainland U.S.. Said boyfriend had spies in the wings calling him every day and telling him about what I'd done at work. NOT CREEPY AT ALL. And one person called him and told him that I was wanting to move out of state and break up with him. So he preemptively threw me out.

Panic ensued.

Thankfully someone at work was kind enough to take me in. Let me stay in their camper. Told me they'd work with me to find a permanent place to live, that if I had to stay past summer, they'd maybe let me stay inside with them, etc. Really nice people. I paid them back for the food and essentials they bought me too.

Now they're throwing me out too. I have until August the fucking 18th to find another place. Or they'll throw me out. No offers. No assistance. Nothing. Not even the goddamn balls to tell me to my face. They left a fucking note on the door instead.


I cannot afford apartments in Alaska. They average about $1000 apiece, and that's how much I gross at my job in a MONTH. I've been looking at other jobs but there's been absolutely no hits whatsoever. I'm hoping for this pet store job that pays a dollar more an hour that I need to call back on, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. All the low income housing is either full or they have fucking sex offenders living there. Thanks, but I want to live. I don't want to have to go back to Arizona, but if I can't find something soon...I may have to.

And there goes the dream of getting my own house in Nebraska. Especially with how shitty the wages are in AZ.

I know my uncle is sending me an additional $200, but that's not going to be enough. Especially since most of the people renting rooms want a security deposit too. I don't think the money would get here in time.

I'm scared.

For the second time in three months I'm in danger of being thrown out on the street.

Maybe it's karmic justice, but all the same, it sucks balls.


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