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Apr. 16th, 2009 04:29 pm
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Dear Brain:

Normally, it is not considered a wise thing to pet on Lupa's Cerberus form. Not even in dreams. That's how you lose limbs. And half a torso.

You're lucky it was just a dream. :|

No Love, Me

(P.S. On the plus side, he wasn't RAMPAGING and was actually enjoying being pet on. But still.) 
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While playing the first Digital Devil Saga again, I noticed something I hadn't before about Lupa 

And I just couldn't resist grabbing a screenshot....

I am going straight to hell. )
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 Title: Schrödinger

Author: [profile] remy_ice_angel  

'Verse: Digital Devil Saga

Characters: O'Brian

Rating: PG-13 (swearing)

Warnings: Spoilers for the ‘5 years ago’ segment of DDS 2.

Disclaimer: DDS and all its characters are the property of ATLUS. This is a non-profit fanfiction.

Summary: Comfort animals can be a godsend. Heat has no idea just how much.

Table/Prompt: Phrases/Wild Horses Couldn’t Make Me...



3/200 )

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Title: Well...Shit.

Author: [ profile] remy_ice_angel 

'Verse: Digital Devil Saga

Characters: Sheffield

Rating: R for violence and language

Warnings: Spoilers for the Five Years Ago segment of DDS2

Disclaimer: DDS and all its characters are the property of ATLUS. This is a non-profit fanfiction.

Summary: Hindsight from a lack of foresight is never a good thing when God is involved.

Table/Prompt: Phrases/It seemed like a good idea at the time


2/200. Maybe I'll be done next year... )

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Title: Black Eye

Author: [profile] remy_ice_angel 

'Verse: Digital Devil Saga

Characters: Sheffield and O’Brian

Rating: R for language

Warnings: Spoilers for the Five Years Ago segment of DDS2

Disclaimer: DDS and all its characters are the property of ATLUS. This is a non-profit fanfiction.

Summary: Losing patients is always hard on doctors. Every doctor except for Sheffield, anyway.

Table/Prompt: Phrases/It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye






Mar. 25th, 2009 01:50 pm
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I am going to die before this fic challenge is over. D:

My master prompt table for [ profile] mission_insane .

Pleeeaaaase someone bring me back to my senses! *sob*

01. Romance 02. Religion/Mysticism 03. Un-Themed 5 04. Un-Themed 6
05. Fairy Tales 06. Songs 07. Taster 08. Nonfiction
09. Emotions 10. Mental Illness 11. Unthemed 4 12. Unthemed 10
13. Novels/Short Stories 14. Movies 15. Pounce!Porn 16. Plot? What Plot?
17. Frame Story 18. Fluff 19. Phrases 20. The Body

Mar. 19th, 2009 12:25 am
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Me: *playing DDS and realizing I'll need to get a skill that nullifies panic in order to proceed this late in the game...enter a terminal, start to buy some of the needed mantras to get that*

Roomie: You haven't been giving Heat or Serph healing stuff?

Me: Uh.... *wondering why roomie is being stupid...she's not rpg illiterate, I know this* No? They're the fighters. 

Roomie: *uncalled-for bitchy tone* Well SORRY. I'll leave you alone then.

Me: ........ *wts. Srsly. ._.;*

(EDIT: Goddammit. I can't stay mad because I'm now imagining Heat in the FF White Mage outfit... XDDD;) 
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 Absolute epic win from the fraternity of Alpha Delta Phi.

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to hold a protest at the University of Chicago for...horror of horrors!...letting Barack Obama teach there. Maybe they shouldn't have picked a spot so close to a frat house.

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Been playing Digital Devil Saga for hours and I haven't advanced anywhere in the plot. 8D Why not? Because I've been taking advantage of a fun little system called "Reinforcements". Brief, but amusing example:

Cut to save space. )

I love DDS. 8D


Mar. 9th, 2009 11:48 pm
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Once again, this game is win. <3

Where else can you be big, furry, and have teeth the size of a railroad spike? I think I like the werewolves better than the vampires....far more OMNOMNOM than SLURPSLURP.

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Title: Tea and Honey
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: slight Pein/Zetsu if you squint
Rating: G
Word count: 556
Summary: This only really makes sense if you're up to date on the manga. XD; So this also entails a massive spoiler warning to boot.

A meal fit for the gods... )
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Soon to be three rp comms in which I have three characters (Deidara, Zetsu, and Kakuzu from Naruto), an idea for an awesome novel or novella that I'm slowly working on, and now I pick up THIS.

1. Fear 6. Death
2. Addiction 7. Apart
3. Regret 8. Coward
4. Rain 9. Broken
5. Together 10. Move Forward

For the community [ profile] 10iloveyou.


Pein mun at that community I play Zetsu at? This is entirely YOUR fault. I hope you realize that. XD ilu bb ♥

...I'm going to die from over-writing. Jeezus. After this, I think I'll pick up another table for Deidara/Kakuzu. 8D
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So. My roommate. Miss I Know Everything About  Computers. Well, guess what.

I've been fighting with a Mac that crashed twice, finally installed Linux on a USB hard drive. Ubuntu 8.04, I believe. I also had a USB CD-rom drive attached. A Sony MPD-AP20U. Roommate grabbed it and pulled it out while Ubuntu was running and everything went to hell. On account of she closed the CD drive with Ubuntu's install disc in it. Everything in  the top status bar turned to white with red X's, error messages were just a bunch of squares, and now it's not loading Ubuntu at all.

I know that no one familiar with Linux will ever see this journal, probably because it isn't lulzy enough and doesn't contain pr0n, but I just felt the need to vent.

...yeah, the picture I was working on was on that USB hard drive, too. Along with several incomplete apps. Jesus, every time I let my roommate do anything with any comp I'm using it turns to shit...
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"Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own."


1. Chocolate - preferably dark, but really good milk chocolate is good too. <3
2. Cooking - I fail at it.
3. Crack - No, not the drug. The fandom silliness!
4. Cold - Because I live in Alaska, nuff said.
5. Cast - Broken arm. ;_;
6. Chai tea - It's just that good. <3
8. Computers - I would have fallen into madness by now without one.
9. Chairface Chippendale - The Tick is on TV right now. XD
10. Chuu - cutest sound effect ever.


Feb. 10th, 2009 08:04 pm
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 I've been living with my roommate and her family for about five months now. And I still feel incredibly left out at family events...birthdays, and Christmas too. Not just left out, but...I start thinking about my own family, and missing them. Which leads to me missing my grandma especially.  Why do all the real superheroes have to go before you're ready to be alone?

I know, I know. Cry moar, right? It just...still gets to me.
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 Now that I feel well enough to type, here goes...

On Thursday this last week, Sam and I decided to walk down to the mall and look around, a bad mistake. I slipped on a patch of ice and broke my right arm in the fall. 8D It wasn't fun.

The cast is already paid for, thank goodness. But then there's emergency room fees and X-ray fees and ongoing doctor visits... D: Damn I wish I could do commissions right now. I just hope I won't need surgery to keep my arm together. Then I'd have to ask my relatives for money, and listening to a bunch of BWAHAHA WE TOLD YOU SO or HOW DO WE KNOW UR NOT MAKIN IT UP would suck greatly.

So uh...keep me in your prayers? 8D;

It's times like this when I think to myself...damn I wish universal healthcare was available in the U.S. right now.
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 Please, keep your comments anon. :3 And they shall be screened.

Letter #1 )

Letter #2 )

Letter #3 )
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You know you want to.

Save the dragon egg. D:

Adopt one today!

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