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Title: Dawn
Author: themirr
'Verse: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Characters: Zant, Midna
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I'm not making money off of this, and I don't own the characters or universe.
Summary: following the sibling theory. Zant just wants what's best for her. For everyone. The beginning of an obsession.
Table/Prompt: Unthemed #6/7. Promise

It's always been this way, and he doesn't mind. Watching after Midna has never been an issue. She likes to climb trees, walls, whatever she can get a foothold on. Take off her regalia and slip into the plain black shadows that clothe the marketplace people, to walk among their people as one of their own. A wild child, their mother calls her. Too energetic for her own good.

But then again, so is Zant.

He shows her how to climb a felglow tree without getting the telltale glowing sap on her clothes. Runs with her across the walls of the palace. Catches the shadows that will cover both of them as they mill around the marketplace. He bought her a hair comb, once. She scowled at it almost immediately.

“But my hair's not long enough! It won't grow, it's short and stupid!”

Zant smiled, turning his little sister around and bringing the mirror closer with a wave of his hand so she could watch as he tweaked the bright red strands of her unruly hair up into some semblance of a bun, holding it with the comb. “It won't be this way forever. When you get bigger, your hair will be longer. And then you can wear it every day.”

“That'll take forever.”

Midna was always like that. Only six, in such a rush to grow up, to do whatever he did. He taught her the basic spells, how to get her favorite book down from the shelf all by herself, how to spark a flame between her fingers and not get burned, create a light to see by in the dark so that she wouldn't be scared. He loves his sister, of that he's sure. It's the only real thing he can be sure about.

He stands with her on the wall, her tiny hand in his, watching the sunset. The world of light hung in the sky like a mirage, a brief window into what once was theirs. They both know the story, of course. They're heirs to the throne. How could they not?

“Big brother?”

“Yes, Midna?”

“Do you think we can go there someday?”

Zant hesitates. Their father the king has so much magic at his disposal. And Zant...Zant is the firstborn son. It's really no question, is it? Besides, it's better than sitting here in the twilight, day after day, year after year, for millennia... They didn't do anything wrong. They weren't even born yet. They're better than that. He's better than that. And he loves his sister.

He smiles down at Midna. “Sure we can. You'll see. I promise.”


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