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Yeah, I know that people are going to see this and be all "OMG MIRR YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH RAWR" but hey, I'm pissed off and this is my personal journal, so I'm gonna rant. Okay? Okay. 8D Just sayin'.

So yeah. Turns out I can't take a char from when I want to because he was absorbed into cosmic consciousness instead of dying properly. How the fuck that even makes a difference, I have no idea. He clearly retained his memories even when he became ungodly powerful, and was still himself more or less. He even spoke to the other chars after he was defeated.

But nope. One group of close knit friends who had all played the source material as well decided that my take was WRONG despite the ambiguity of the ending of said source material. So an unofficial, implied ultimatum was handed down that if I want to app this character, I have to take him from earlier in the timeline, before he even gained the power that he did, or my app would be declined.

So whatever. I don't know if I'll just give in and go with what they want, or take this char to another rp. I'm just...kinda in a bad mood that despite arguing my opinion, and pointing out canon facts...supplying Youtube videos, the game script....

Eh. Fuck it. I love the character. I shouldn't have this much stress because of him. :(

Maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn over it...
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