Jul. 30th, 2010

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So uh.


I think I'm in deep shit.

Started asking around work for a place to stay because I wanted to break up with my boyfriend and move back to the mainland U.S.. Said boyfriend had spies in the wings calling him every day and telling him about what I'd done at work. NOT CREEPY AT ALL. And one person called him and told him that I was wanting to move out of state and break up with him. So he preemptively threw me out.

Panic ensued.

Thankfully someone at work was kind enough to take me in. Let me stay in their camper. Told me they'd work with me to find a permanent place to live, that if I had to stay past summer, they'd maybe let me stay inside with them, etc. Really nice people. I paid them back for the food and essentials they bought me too.

Now they're throwing me out too. I have until August the fucking 18th to find another place. Or they'll throw me out. No offers. No assistance. Nothing. Not even the goddamn balls to tell me to my face. They left a fucking note on the door instead.


I cannot afford apartments in Alaska. They average about $1000 apiece, and that's how much I gross at my job in a MONTH. I've been looking at other jobs but there's been absolutely no hits whatsoever. I'm hoping for this pet store job that pays a dollar more an hour that I need to call back on, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. All the low income housing is either full or they have fucking sex offenders living there. Thanks, but I want to live. I don't want to have to go back to Arizona, but if I can't find something soon...I may have to.

And there goes the dream of getting my own house in Nebraska. Especially with how shitty the wages are in AZ.

I know my uncle is sending me an additional $200, but that's not going to be enough. Especially since most of the people renting rooms want a security deposit too. I don't think the money would get here in time.

I'm scared.

For the second time in three months I'm in danger of being thrown out on the street.

Maybe it's karmic justice, but all the same, it sucks balls.


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